The physics of the deep

A book retracing twenty years of archives of the Rurart art centre. Text written by Vanina Pinter, graphic design theorist and teacher at ESADHaR.

“Threatened, revered, today’s book questions its “matter”. For Isabelle Caplain and Marion Caron, a book poses itself and is leafed through as a constant space of irresolutions, of indeterminations. This book closes, but what it contains, escapes. This editorial object traps the past, lets it slide across the pages, it breaks on the “greys” 1 of nostalgia, “blocks” 2 of decisions and their “blanks” 3 of indecisions 4.

1 “Contrast value between the black typeface and the white page. The colour of a design text, by extension, its contrast with the white page. We speak of the typographic grey of a text”, Damien and Claire Gautier, Manuel Mise en page(s), etc., Pyramyd, 2009.
2 “Compositional space within the page. It is the surface of the page minus the margins”. As defined by Damien and Claire Gautier, op.cit.
3 “Margin located at the top or bottom of the page”. As defined by Damien and Claire Gautier, op.cit.
4 It develops an elusive aspect, like Virginia Woolf ’s “The Waves” (1931).

Collaboration with Isabelle Caplain, printed by Megatop, 2016.