“My creative process begins with emptiness: a mental space and a physical availability that I maintain in order to welcome what my alert, sensitive and intuitive body captures from my environment. The moment of seizing extracts (materials, objects, words...) can be brief and is followed by a longer period of “maceration”. A slow decantation out of its context that aims to reveal the strength of what has been collected. Diverted, isolated and treated with respect, the materials can be combined according to their similarities or their opposites. A freedom is left to things that I do not seek to domesticate or appropriate fully. Thus, encounters become more obvious. A place is left for the unforeseen as proposals expressed by the material itself.” Anna Voreux

Collaboration with Anna Voreux for the realization of her final thesis, DNSEP 2015. Made with with Hélène Pitassi, photocopying and embossing, 10 copies